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Making a Difference in Peru
International Fellowship Goes South of the Border
Emelia's Incredible Journey
As part of MCC's International Fellowship Program to Peru, residents from the North
Andover Senior Center (where MCC nursing students conduct a clinic) made 100 dolls
for the students to distribute during their trip. All the dolls had names and were an
instant hit with the Peruvian children. MCC student Ellen Faller created a photo book,
titled Emelia's Incredible Journey, about one doll and the things she "saw" and "did" in
Peru. Pictured with the book (at left) are Emelia and her Peruvian counterpart.
In the back of a truck in Cascas, Peru (front row, left to right):
Kristina Watt, Claudia Guillen and Kylie Fulton; (back row, left to
right): Erika Gingrass, Juliana Wells and Melissa Lord.