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hat's green, yellow and red all
over and grows on the Bedford
campus? MCC's Community
The brainchild of Middlesex students
Kerri Sullivan and Alex Gentile, the
idea for an organic garden took root at
MCC's first Interdisciplinary Weekend.
With help from faculty, staff and
members of the new Sustainability Club,
the 16x16-foot plot has produced
tomatoes, peppers, carrots, eggplant,
chard, onions and a variety of herbs for
the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.
"Last spring, we thought planting a
garden would be a good idea for a student
club," explained Sullivan, 22. "But we
didn't know how to start one. Plus, it was
already the middle of spring semester by
then and kind of late in the school year
to be starting a club."
Unsure how to proceed, the couple
both Liberal Arts & Sciences majors -
enrolled in Beyond Consumption:
Exploring a Sustainable Future.
The one-
credit, two-day Interdisciplinary
Weekend course, held April 8 and 9,
2011, focused on ecology and
"It was great. Suddenly, we found
ourselves with a bunch of like-minded
people," said Gentile, 24. "We met a
handful of other students, including
Ryan Manita, who were into organic
gardening as much as we were," he said.
MCC's Sustainability Club was born in
May. Sullivan serves as president,
Gentile is vice president and Manita is
treasurer. Two members of MCC's
campuswide Sustainability Advisory
Committee -- Biology Professor Jessie
Klein and Christopher Fiori, Director of
the Student Accounts Office -- are the
club's advisors.
Forming the club, it turns out, was the
easy part. With June fast approaching,
Cultivating a New Club and
Healthy Produce for the Food Bank
Sustainability Club
For more information about
MCC's Community Garden
and the Sustainability Club,
contact Kerri Sullivan
or Alex Gentile
Weekend 2012
MCC's next Interdisciplinary
Weekend, titled
Across Asia, will be held April
20 & 21, 2012, on the Bedford
campus. For more information,
contact Dona Cady, Associate
Dean of Humanities & Asian
Studies, at 781-280-3721 or
Middlesex students Alex Gentile (left) and Kerri Sullivan formed
the MCC Sustainability Club and helped create the club's organic
Community Garden on the Bedford campus.