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Bill felt the college was a
wonderful use for a property
that had been idle for so
long. I can't imagine
anyone not being proud
to attend Middlesex.
It's just beautiful!
Joan Waite
hen MCC's Bedford campus
was under construction in the
early 1990s, the late William
Henry Waite Sr., a well-
known local contractor, had more than
a professional interest in the project.
In the late 1800s, Waite's grandfather
had managed the 200-acre property
when it was a "gentleman's farm." And
in 1892, his father was born in the
farmhouse that still stands on campus
"I put more miles on my car while that
campus was under construction," said
Joan Waite, William's widow. "With
Bill's family connection and being in
the construction business himself we
were very interested in the whole
project," she said.
The Waite family's link to the property
began with Irving Charles Waite, who
moved his wife and three children from
Lynn to Bedford in the late 1800s. He
had been hired by the McCurder family
to manage their farm, according to Paul
Waite, William's older brother and the
family historian. Now 87 and living in
Florida, Paul (and William) grew up in
Bedford on Springs Road near what is
now MCC's Bedford campus.
"I remember my grandfather, Irving
Waite, when I was a child," said Paul in
a telephone interview, "but he had left
the farm by the time I was born in
1924. Irving managed the farm for the
McCurders, a wealthy family that
owned a fuel, coal and grain company
in Boston," he said.
Middlesex Connections
T h e Wa i t e F a m i l y R e c a l l s
H i s t o r i c Ti e s t o M C C ' s B e d f o r d C a m p u s
Bedford Campus Farm House, today.