Teaching Online at Middlesex.

In order to teach online at MCC you are required participate in a face to face, 8 week training program that gives participants’ an opportunity to develop expertise in relevant technology while collaboratively exploring the important pedagogies that are involved in creating an engaging online learning environment.  Participants are selected by their division dean to participate in the training program.  If you are interested in teaching an online course please begin by contacting your department chair.

During the training there will be opportunities for group discussion as well as activities that will assist you in building and developing your online course.   We also provide time during the training to work hands on with Blackboard and other important technological tools.  Course participants will have access to a robust Blackboard site that contains helpful information and serves as a resource for on line teaching.  In addition to participating in the training program each participant is assigned an experienced online instructor who acts as a mentor and will be available to assist during the development and implementation process.

Upon completion of the required work your course will review by a member of the on line learning staff as well as the assistant dean for your academic area.  Once the review process is completed you will be paid a stipend for participation in the training and successful development of the course.

For more information please contact:

Nancy A. Nesset Curll
Manager E Learning
Extension:  3334

Last Modified: 5/30/18