KB147: Uploading a PowerPoint File into Blackboard  (Versions: PowerPoint 2002; Blackboard version 5.)

To make a PowerPoint presentation available to students on your Blackboard site,  it is recommended that it be uploaded as an HTML/Web file that can open within the Blackboard window. This method eliminates the need for students to download and open a separate PowerPoint file to their local PC (which is often a lengthy download time on older, slower machines and will also be a problem for students who do not have PowerPoint on their computer).

Please note that HTML presentations do not hold transitions or special effects.

Part 1:
Save the PowerPoint presentation as an HTML/Web file
1. Open the PowerPoint file.

2. Choose "Save as Web Page".

3. Within the Save As Web Page" dialog box, select "Tools", then "Web Options".

4. On the "General" tab, click "Add Slide Navigation Controls". You can play with text and background color here for the navigation bar outline view that will appear in Blackboard or accept the default of white text on black background

5. From the "Pictures" tab, select "800 x 600" as the target screen size.

6. Select the location where you will temporarily store the file in preparation for uploading (It is recommended that you save it to the same folder as the original PowerPoint presentation, so you will have both formats, PPT and HTML, easily available should you later need them).

7. Click "Save".


Please note:
When a Power Point file is saved as a web page, two items are created:

1. An HTML index file is created which has the same name as the original presentation file.

2. A folder is created, containing associated files, with the same name as the presentation.

For example, if a Power Point presentation entitled "Lecture 1.ppt" were saved as a Web Page, an index file entitled 'Lecture 1.htm" would be created and a folder (containing associated files) would be created entitled "Lecture 1_files". These two items - the index page and the file folder - need to be moved into a new folder in preparation for uploading into Black Board.

8. Go to the location where the files have been saved to. Create a new folder and drag and drop both the HTML index page of the presentation, and the folder with all the associated files for that presentation, into the new folder. Give the new folder an easily recognizable name - this is what you will be first zipping (compressing), then uploading to your Blackboard site.

9. Zip the folder using a program called WinZip. If this is not installed on your on-campus computer, you can contact the Help Desk  to arrange installation or install the demo version yourself from the  WinZip website.

Part 2:
Uploading the File into the Blackboard course
1. Log into your Blackboard course site.

2. Click on the "Control Panel" button

3. Click on the link to the content area where you wish to place the material (e.g., Assignments, Course Documents, Course Information, etc..)

4. Click on "Add Item".

5.In the Blackboard window (see screen-shot on right),  enter a name for the file that you are about to upload or keep the default name. Add text/instructions at your discretion.

6. Click on the "Browse" button to upload, and locate the zipped file. The zipped file will have a .ZIP file extension (e.g. "Lect1.zip")

7. Click on the file to select it, then click on "Open".

8. The file path will appear in the "Browse" field in the Blackboard window. Enter a meaningful link name for the file.

9. Select, "Unpackage this file" in the Special Action field.

10. Click on "Submit".

11. Blackboard will prompt you to select an entrance point for the presentation. Select the index.htm file created during Part 1 of this process.

12. Click on "Submit".

Your presentation can now be easily accessed and navigated through by your students.



Author: Ellen Ricca
Source: Nancy Curll, Elise Martin
Date Reviewed: 6/5/2003